This page is for employers interested in QMU's Graduate Apprenticeships programme, for students interest in the BA Business Management (Graduate Apprenticeship) programme please visit the course page.


BA/BA (Hons) Business Management (Graduate Apprenticeship): Information for Employers

QMU's Graduate Apprenticeship programme is the perfect way to connect and work with some of the top talent in your industry in a future proof and cost effective-manner.

Queen Margaret University's Graduate Apprenticeship programme allows your business to attract forward thinking and highly skilled individuals that will help to provide a more skills diverse workplace and to develop the knowledge and expertise of your existing team.

The QMU Business School currently works with a range of businesses to help provide Graduate Apprenticeship opportunities to employers within the areas of business and management.

We will support your organisation through the GA process helping to ensure a simple and smooth recruitment process for you and your team.

For more information on Graduate Apprenticeships at QMU please contact Mike Pretious today.

What is a Graduate Apprenticeship?

Our Graduate Apprenticeship (GA) allows students to ‘work, earn and learn’ by studying for a degree when continuing in their employment.

It is a practical and integrated way to launch a new career or develop expertise with their current employer.

Employers will benefit as the Graduate Apprenticeship programme is an innovative, cost-effective way to attract and retain highly skilled, motivated and ambitious employees.

More information regarding the Graduate Apprenticeship programme for employers can be found via Skills Development Scotland.

What are the benefits to employers?

There are many benefits to employers who enrol in QMU's Graduate Apprenticeship programme including:

No Fees

There are no additional costs for employers involved in the QMU Graduate Apprenticeship programme, all employers are expected to pay for is the employees standard salary - for more information on payment, please see 'Do Graduate Apprenticeships cost employers?'

Improved Recruitment & Employee Retention

Employers linked with the Graduate Apprenticeship programme will have access to some of the most innovative and motivated employees available, working alongside QMU's academic staff with decades of experience at the top levels of business our students are motivated individuals with their finger on the pulse of modern business enterprise.

Increased Productivity & Innovation

Our students will be learning in QMU's innovation focused Business School and applying their learning to your workplace, helping bring new skills and knowledge into your organisation.

Do Graduate Apprenticeships cost employers?

No, as an employer you will not incur any additional costs through being involved in the programme.

Graduate apprentices are employees, so their employer will be expected to pay their salary.

This salary is not set by Skills Development Scotland or Queen Margaret University but we do encourage all employers to pay the Living Wage. The employer will be expected to employ the apprentice full-time with full access to any facilities or benefits that you provide for other staff.

For more information on costs and salaries please see the Skills Development Scotland GA Guide.

Who can apply to work with QMU's Graduate Apprenticeship programme?

There is no restriction on the size of organisation that can employ an Apprentice.

What is expected of employers involved in a Graduate Apprenticeship?

Typically, the following would be expected of a Graduate Apprentice employer:

  • Meet with the learning provider, also known as the delivery partner (university/college/other provider) to agree the structure of the Graduate Apprentice programme. This includes assessment methods, time spent at university, and projects that will need to be supported in the workplace.
  • Attend quarterly meetings with the delivery partner and the Graduate Apprentice, who is their employee.
  • Mentor the Graduate Apprentice and get involved in training and assessment elements, as agreed with the learning provider.

Graduate Apprentices are new or existing employees of your business who are trained by colleges and universities. They'll spend around 80% of their time in work and 20% in training. It means the work and learning your apprentice does counts towards their qualification. 

How do employers get involved?

Register Your Interest

The first step in the Graduate Apprenticeship partnership is to express your interest in the programme and a member of the QMU team will contact you to arrange an initial meeting.

Employers who are interested in a Graduate Apprenticeship partnership with Queen Margaret University should contact programme lead Mike Pretious via email at 

FAQs for employers

Queen Margaret University is partnered with Skills Development Scotland in the delivery of our BA/Ba (Hons) Business Management (Graduate Apprenticeship) programme - a full FAQ's section on the process is available on the Skills Development Scotland website.

Queen Margaret University student testimonials

The Graduate Apprenticeships scheme has great benefits for employers as well as students.

Hear what former student Stuart Burnside had to say about the programme and the impact it had one his personal and professional career.

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