Home Country: St. Lucia


Why QMU?

I had worked as a nurse/health practitioner in St Lucia for years, having undertaken both a course at the University of St. Lucia and a master’s in Jamaica. When an opportunity arose for a funded placement for the MSc in Diabetes at QMU, I was so happy – what an opportunity!

What's your best memory of QMU…

I just loved the whole thing. I really enjoyed the study process and completion of assignments - I think there was always a smile on my face. Of course being so close to Edinburgh, also meant I could explore the city and do some sightseeing too.

Favourite place on campus..

For study and working – it has to be the quiet study room and PG study room. I’d definitely recommend them to other students. I’d easily say I got inspiration for 16,000 words of my dissertation in the quiet room! (and then of course had to edit back!)

They’re comfortable and quiet room, and just a really good space for working.

"I came, I studied, I conquered!"
Verna Eugene

How has your course and QMU helped you…

QMU has built me academically and personally and I leave with a totally different view on education. The staff were always on hand to support - many of them felt like family.

The part of the MSc Diabetes that inspired me most was the lecture on the nutritional aspects of diabetes, in fact I even lost 10lbs myself!

It was also interesting to learn diabetes management and the process within the Scottish/UK health system, compared to back home in St Lucia. It’s inspired me to take on board these learnings and look for opportunities to implement the things I have learned with confidence when I return to work.

Top Tips for other students

  • Keep studying, keep reading and keep at it, you will make it!
  • Your lecturers are there to help, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it

Memories of Scotland

I take away so many great memories of Scotland too;

  • Tasting Haggis for the first time
  • Anstruther Chippy (as part of the QMU International students trip to St. Andrews)
  • Amazing fireworks on Calton Hill as part of the Beltane Festival
  • Exploring Edinburgh using public transport, it can be done and I became a bit of an expert on the various bus routes and numbers!
  • Sweet celebration at Mimi’s Bake house after handing in my dissertation

What’s Next…

I’ll return to work for a bit, but look forward to QMU Graduation in the summer along with some sightseeing with family around Scotland.

I already feel inspired to do my PhD and can’t think of doing it anywhere else but QMU, QMU is my home!


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