Hometown: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada  


I studied for my Diploma in Podiatric Medicine at what was then Queen Margaret College (1990) followed by my BSc (Hons) at Derby University (1993).  This completed my formal education. 

Initially I worked for the NHS in North Wales from 1990-1993.  I then moved to Canada in January of 1994 to join a private practice. I worked in this same practice until 2006 when I decided it was time to set up my own practice. I continue to enjoy working full time in my own practice in the private sector.  

When looking online for an MSc programme the QMU programme seemed to have the highest profile of the MSc programmes available and good participant feedback. 

The added bonus for myself is that my family live in nearby in Dalkeith so if required to attend the University it was already known to myself and was close by.  

Initially when I undertook this programme I was hoping that the pharmacology component would allow me to prescribe in my home province. 

Shortly after completing the pharmacology component a new direction was taken by the College of Podiatrists of Manitoba and unfortunately my newly minted qualification was deemed inadequate.  However, I decided to continue on with more credits as I found the course work had given me a renewed interest in studying and decided to do it just for personal satisfaction.  

I must admit that I have found the combination of full time employment alongside looking after my three children whilst studying has been a challenge. On top of this I have undergone major health issues and in fact had to ask for an extenuating circumstances extension.  found the staff to be very accommodating and sympathetic to my issues.  

I am self funded but am required to do continuing education for my provincial licence and am therefore able to use my fees as a tax deduction.  

"I would advise anyone considering doing an MSc in Podiatry to look no further than QMU. Take the plunge and enjoy the challenge!"
Tracy-Joann Andrews

The research skills I have learned so far have enabled me to critically review treatment options for the more complex issues that my patients present with and provide a more reasoned approach to treatments I provide. 

I feel that as a self employed practitioner who graduated 26 years ago it would be easy to stagnate and this course has enabled me to "wake up" my brain and get me thinking again.  

I would say that the reasons that you decide to study an MSc would really depict the method by which you should study.  By this I mean that if you are like myself and are doing it purely for self interest then it is okay to take a protracted length of time to do so. 

However, if you require an MSc for continued progression in your career I would suggest that you make it your primary focus and perhaps do it full time on site.  

If I do complete my MSc I believe that will be the end of the line for my formal education but I will continue my informal education with a variety of continuing education units.  

As far as my practice is concerned in the last few months we have undergone a rapid expansion into the shoe selling business.  If it continues on at the current rate it wont be long before we are expanding our current building and taking on more staff. 

New challenges lie ahead.  

I realise that as the first member of my family to have undertaken post secondary education I have been truly blessed by the opportunities that this availed to me. My husband and myself have instilled this love of education into our children. 

We have also instilled in them a sense of civic duty and see charitable work as part of this both financially and with our time.  Most recently I have just been appointed as the president of the sponsor committee for the Brandon Army Cadets on behalf of the Army Cadets League of Canada. 

I am also an organiser for the Brandon Highland Festival.  Within the last week I found out that I have  been nominated as a Royal Bank of Canada Women of Influence for 2016.  

I would advise anyone considering doing an MSC in Podiatry to look no further than QMU. Take the plunge and enjoy the challenge!


Story published 2016 - 2017


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