Hometown: Consdorf, Luxembourg, now Berlin, Germany.


About You

How did you come to choose the course and why QMU?

Back at the time, I had half a dozen of offers through the clearing process and was unsure which university was the right choice for me. As many event management programmes were still fairly new at the time, there was not a lot of comparison. However, Edinburgh, with the biggest indoor climbing gym in the world (EICA Ratho) seemed like a great idea. Turns out it was.

Why did you choose to study in Edinburgh/Scotland?

Offering both, the largest climbing gym in the world but also affordable Ryan Air flights from home made it seem like a decent option.

Living Away from Home

Where did you live whilst studying?

First year, I lived in halls. The best part about it, apart from not having to worry about all the challenges renting a flat brings up, was the ability to go to class wearing pyjamas. Later on, I lived in Stockbridge as well as top of Leith Walk.

Life in Edinburgh – what was the best experience you had in Edinburgh? Are there any hidden ‘gems’ you’d like to share?

Life in Edinburgh was fantastic, and it’s one of the best places I’ve ever lived in. Living in Stockbridge allowed me to go regularly to the Botanic Gardens, my favourite hidden spot in Edinburgh. Hiking up Arthur’s Seat was the greatest way to recover after a long night.


"Three days after I handed my dissertation in (weeks before graduation) I hopped on a plane to Toronto, Canada, to start my first job! I met my future employer at a university-activity in my final year."
Thorben Grosser

The Course

What was the most interesting part of the course?

The best part about my course was the easy access to practical work experience. Especially when it comes to event management, experience beats anything. QMU allowed me to get that experience quickly and with well known organisations.

Any advice for students who might be interested in this course?

Stay in Edinburgh over summer. Do take internships.

Are you currently working? If so please give a brief outline of your job. If not, what are your plans?

I am the General Manager of EventMobi Europe, the European branch of Event Software Market leader EventMobi. I manage a team of about 10 people assisting event planners with their technology needs. This is my first job out of university and QMU helped me a great deal finding it.

Would you consider further study?

Yes. I believe a few years down the road, an MBA would be in order.


Story published 2016 - 2017

Management (inc. Business, Events and Festival and International Hospitality and Tourism)

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