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About You

I was looking for a course that would provide me a wide range of skills in business and management and most of all in three years as opposed to the standard four year Scottish UG course. QMU offered both and was the perfect choice.

The main reason I chose Scotland was free education as opposed to the rest of UK where a student could pay a maximum of £9,000 a year. I did not want to start my career with a potential debt of £27,000.

Another reason is the good reputation of Scottish universities, which I thought would look good in my CV when applying for jobs in the UK. In addition Scottish universities are not just focused on coursework and studying but they also encourage students to be involved in clubs and societies, volunteer work and extra-curricular activities. There is a balance between studying and developing your interests/hobbies.

Living Away from Home

During my first year at QMU I stayed in halls of residence. This is a great chance for students to meet other people. First of all you get to meet your flatmates and then gradually every one living in the same block! The best part was not having to worry about bills and maintenance issues as it is all taken care of as part of your contract. Secondly the location is very convenient. Just one minute walk or less from the campus. If you are very lazy you could wake up five minutes before your lecture and still make it in time!

After one year in halls I moved into Edinburgh for my remaining two years QMU has excellent transport networks to Edinburgh including the 30/45 bus which take an average of 30 minutes from the city centre and the train from Waverly Station which takes 6 minutes, so it was not a problem getting to university.

My favourite part of Edinburgh is the National Museum and the fantastic view of Edinburgh from its roof terrace.

"The range of subjects is very useful because it helped me understand what aspects in business and management I enjoyed the most and wished to focus more in my later postgraduate studies."
Thomas Raison

The Course

I did not attend an open day but I went to visit the university after it accepted me with an unconditional offer. We were shown around the main lecture theatre and campus. It is a modern building with up-to-date facilities specifically designed to meet the needs of students. What attracted me the most was the small size of the university compared to Glasgow University or Edinburgh University. There is only one campus where all the lectures and seminars are be based and you get to know all the lecturers very well as our seminar groups were around 20 students or less.

The most interesting part of the Business Management (Fast Track) course is the variety of disciplines a student encounters. Modules range from Foundations of Marketing to Economics, Entrepreneurship, Strategy and more.

The course is designed for a student who wants to do his/her bachelor in three years instead of four. I think this course is suitable for you if you have good time management skills and you are able to do four modules per semester instead of three without becoming overly stressed. The last year of my course was the most exciting and challenging one as it included writing a dissertation on a topic of my choice and carry out primary research.

Beyond Graduation

Tell us what happened immediately after you graduated

After I graduated I decided to apply for a Master’s course in Finance and Management at Glasgow University and I got accepted with an unconditional offer.

I am currently studying at Glasgow University.


Story published 2016 - 2017

Management (inc. Business, Events and Festival and International Hospitality and Tourism)

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