Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

Year of Course: 2


About You

I am 25 years old and live at home with my partner and two children. From a very young age I was brought up in care and had a very bad start to my education in both primary and high school because of this. Once leaving care I found employment and have been living in my own house as an independent adult since 16 years old. I decided in my late teenage years that I had a lot more to offer than the work I was doing so decided to enter back into education in a way that allows me to help others that are living the same way as I was when I was in care. For now most of my time is dedicated to university and my family but I work as a youth-worker and support for young people in care during the summer and wherever else I have the time.

I came to QMU because I needed to find a supportive route into education. I applied to QMU as an Associate Student and was accepted to study the first year of my course off campus at Newbattle Abbey College. Half way through second year I decided that due to my interests and where I want to be after graduation I would change to Public Sociology.

I came to an open day before I had any news about my application and met with the lecturers for the joint Psychology and Sociology course. Meeting with the staff and getting an insight to what they were like as people and how they hold passion for what they are teaching completely made my mind up about coming to uni here.

"The best part of my course so far has to be the Engaged Sociology module as it gives us the opportunity to make up our own picture of what we are studying, and provides the opportunity to get some real work experience engaging with groups within society."
Steve Phair

About the Course

My main advice would be to come to an open day and ask one of the Sociology lecturers what the course is about, nobody better can describe the course to you. Once I graduate I hope to go into some form of policy work or community engagement to have as large a positive impact on society as possible.

Since I started at QMU I have joined the men’s rugby team and engaged with the uni as a class rep and a student ambassador giving me paid work for doing some small work for QMU. I would encourage everyone to make the most of freshers week and the events that are put on by the Students’ Union because it really gives a lot more than just the academic side of being a student.


Story published 2016 - 2017