The Course

What did you hope the course would give you? Career change/progression? Continuing personal development?

I hoped the course would give me more practical experience and help me to learn more about myself and my career path.

How did you find the work load? Could you comment on the support available to you?

The workload is a big step up from undergrad but the lecturers planned assignment deadlines extremely well between every module. The support that I got from Richard and Gordon was absolutely fantastic. They were quick to react to any problems that people faced.

Did you work during the course? If you had a scholarship or bursary how did it help you with your studies?

I did not work during the course.

How do you think your QMU degree has equipped you with the skills/knowledge to development your career?

I believe that my degree has provided me with a great theoretical understanding of supply chain and I was able to implement practices taught in my supply chain module into my work. I also feel that the project management module has significantly helped me in my project role. One of the best takeaways that I got from completing the MBA was confidence. In my undergraduate studies I was shy and a good B student, however, in my MBA I knew that this was my last opportunity to study and that I had to go for it. Knowing that I had the support of Richard and Gordon to help me through any tough challenges really helped and I ended up getting a distinction!



"BA (Hons) Business Management was my first degree which I had completed at QMU. I decided to complete the MBA course as I felt that was not ready to finish studying and was unsure of my career path. The MBA in particular appealed to me as it did not require another dissertation, instead required completing a project for a company. I decided to stay with QMU as I enjoyed completing my undergraduate degree there and I already had a good support network. In addition, I was a direct entrant into 3rd year, therefore felt more comfortable staying at QMU as I was used to their ways of working."

 What top tips would you give prospective PG students based on your own personal experience?

Make sure you build a support network with other people on the course – I could not have done it without them! Start getting used to coffee – you’ll need it! It is a challenging course but it is extremely rewarding.

What obstacles did you encounter (if any) during your studies and how did you overcome them?

I found it challenging to manage a team with differing expectations and opinions. In a lot of my assignments, I wanted to achieve the highest grade possible but other people were happy to settle with a lower grade. After seeking advice from Richard and Gordon on this obstacle, our team were able to come to a compromise and overcome this challenge.  

Life after graduation

What happened immediately after you completed the course in terms of career/volunteer work/ travel?

I finished the course in August and I joined the Tesco Supply Chain graduate scheme in the September.

Where are you now? Do you have any further future plans?

I am in my second year of my graduate scheme. I will finish the scheme in September where I hope to be signed off as an analyst in a change team.

Anything that you might have done differently?

I completed my MBA straight after my undergraduate and I always wondered if I should have had a few years’ experience first. However, I was not ready to gain employment after my undergraduate degree and completing this course gave me the confidence to apply for Tesco. So no.


Story published 2016 - 2017


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