Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

Year of Course: 4


About You

I chose to study Nursing at QMU because the class sizes are significantly smaller than at other universities, meaning there is a greater degree of support from both the lecturers and peers. The university itself is very modern and offers all of the possible resources I may need for fulfilling my time as a student nurse, from an incredibly realistic Clinical Simulation Suite, to many lecturers with years of experience in the areas I’m interested in. 

Growing up in Edinburgh I did not want to move away as it has everything a student could possibly want in it.

Living Away From Home

In first year I stayed in halls which I would definitely recommend. I was able to meet and make best friends with people outwith my course, and having that first taste of independence helped me to grow up a lot. 

If you are going to be living away from home for the first time, here are my top three items I would recommend to bring:

  1. Photos- I put pictures of me and my friends around my room just to make it feel more homely.
  2. Laptop- this is a must not only to do uni work on but also catch up on TV and check social media.
  3. Playing cards- this is a good way to get all your flatmates chatting and socialising.

I absolutely love living in Edinburgh as you will always be able to find something to do even on the days when it’s freezing cold and pouring with rain. My two favourite times living here are during the Fringe Festival and Christmas time when Winter Wonderland is in town.  Throughout both the atmosphere is amazing, and you get to experience a lot of new things that are not usually in Edinburgh.


"My favourite part of the course is definitely when we get to learn the vast number of skills nurses carry out on the wards in the Clinical Simulation Suite. It gives us a chance to practice in a ward like environment on specialist dummies, and it helped develop my confidence in carrying it out before going out into placement in a real hospital."
Sarah Middleton

The Course

I attended all the open days for every university I applied to, but QMU definitely stood out to me. The fact that the building is so modern attracted me to it, with the small size of it as well.  It just has a really nice feel to it. 

If you are interested in applying for Nursing at QMU, I would stress the fact that while it can be hard work, it is so much fun, and you will meet some of your best friends. The small class size means everybody knows each other – lecturers and students- and lecturers are a nice, relaxed environment. 

The main thing I want to happen when I graduate is to just be in a nursing job I love. I think at the beginning of my career, gaining experience is key, so that will be my main priority.

Life as a Student at QMU

I am a member of the QMU women’s basketball team, and have been for three years now. I played at school and loved it so did not want to give it up when I came to uni, and joining has been one of the highlights of my university experience.  We won the Scottish Conference Cup 2013/14 and that was an amazing feeling, after working hard training whilst also having fun, it was incredible to win alongside the rest of the girls.

My top tip for making the most of your university experience is to join a sports club or society. That way you are able to meet people with that share the same interest as you, and it is a good way to have a break from the stresses of uni work. 


Story published 2016 - 2017

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