Hometown: Saudi Arabia


About you

There are many hobbies such as, football, volleyball, electronic game and tennis.

There are some interests related to nursing generally for example, looking for the new courses and training in the field.

When I came to the UK I was holding an offer from other University. I have decided to finish my English course first then changing the University to better one. One of my friend had recommended QMU as they have a suitable course for us from Saudi Arabia and the University ranking was the best in Nursing.

Well, when I think studying in Scotland is better than somewhere else because the education here is at high standard compare to other places or countries and it was recommended by many friends as well.

Living Away from Home

It is hard to be away from the people you love or the place you have grown up however, there are many amazing friends here which let me feel like im in my city.

There are many items I wouldn’t be without but the priority goes into most important three which was my mother’s picture, nursing book and my laptop.

Unfortunately, I live in Glasgow not Edinburgh because my family like Glasgow for the first time we came here to Scotland. So, I have decided to Stay at Glasgow and Study at QMU. Glasgow is the city let me feel im at my hometown from the first day we came here.


"I would advise any nurse who is holding a diploma and wants to get a degree to join this course."
Saleh Khallaf

The Course

The course generally was good for me as I'm holding a diploma in nursing. I have learnt many things; for example, how to do research and look for the information by yourself. There are many activities I had learnt from the classes such as seminars and debates.

I would advise any nurse who is holding a diploma and wants to get a degree to join this course.

As I'm sponsored I had to go back to my country and work for the Ministry of Health, I might do a masters after some time. 

Life as a Student at QMU

It was a great experience for me to know many friends from different countries which was an amazing and it was good for cultural exchange.


Story published 2016 - 2017

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