Hometown: Aberdeen, Scotland


About you

I’m a fun, friendly and outgoing person who loves playing sports and being outdoors. I have a massive passion for netball and horse riding and compete at a high level. I’ve always been interested in human anatomy and how things work in the human body and so that was the sole reason behind me choosing to study Human Biology but I have also taken a liking to other fields that we have learnt about such as pharmacology.

Edinburgh is definitely one of my favourite cities in Scotland and after regularly coming down here for rugby games and netball training I decided I’d like to live here and go to university here.

Living Away from Home

Living away from home proved not to be difficult for me since I attended a boarding school during my school years, so living away from home was natural. I lived in halls in my first year and loved it. It’s the best way to meet people and have a fun time. It’s also really convenient for getting to university in the morning for those early 9am lectures!! This year I am staying in a flat in Edinburgh with friends I met last year in halls. I love Edinburgh and couldn’t imagine being at university anywhere else. It’s always got such a buzz. The Edinburgh Fringe has got to be one of my favourite aspects and the atmosphere is amazing around that time.

I believe the essentials for living away from home would be a fluffy dressing gown (for lounging around halls and your flat), a lesson on how to do your washing correctly, and a mug for all the cups of tea consumed during university.

"There are a lot of fun and interesting labs to participate in and also regular guest speakers that come in to lectures and seminars."
Pippa Ross

The Course

The university is small and a close community - coming from a small school I decided it would suit me better as I have always been used to small classes and groups. Human Biology suits me well as there is a lot of practical work which I really enjoy doing. There are a lot of fun and interesting labs to participate in and also regular guest speakers that come in to lectures and seminars. Attending open days before coming to QMU helps with meeting people on your course and makes your first class less daunting.

After graduating, I plan on either doing a postgraduate course in teaching or dentistry.

Life as a Student at QMU

At QMU I am part of the netball and hockey clubs. Joining a sports team or society at university is the best way to meet people and to get advice from older students at the uni. Also sports teams have the best socials and events that are great fun to be part of. Grad Ball, which is the sports and societies’ end of year ball, has to be the highlight of every academic year and is definitely worth joining a society for! I believe to get the most out of being a student you need to be social and not to be scared to try new things. You will get a lot of opportunities whilst being at university that you will not get once you graduate so make sure you make the most of the student life.


Story published 2016-2017