Nikki Welch is the Managing Director of WineTubeMap ( and has published her book ‘The Pocket Guide to Wine’ during her time studying for her Masters in Gastronomy at QMU.

Your time at QMU

Why Study Gastronomy at QMU

‘For me the biggest decision was whether to study a Masters of Wine (MW) or approach my studies more generally with a course such as the MSc in Gastronomy. This felt a better fit for me, offering a blended learning of both science and social science, with no focus on one over the other. It was just more holistic’

Did you feel your QMU degree has been important in helping you get to where you are today? / Has the QMU experience helped your career?
The module on the Neuro Science of Taste, was simply invaluable in allowing me to look at different approaches to Product Development. My time at QMU really provoked me in a positive way to challenge normal thinking in everything. To think of what I am doing, why I am doing it and the benefits of who it is aimed for. It encouraged me to focus on the sociological aspects of customer behaviour. To really understand the user and consider all genres and styles.

How did you find your time at Queen Margaret University?/ What aspects did you really enjoy?

I really enjoyed my time at QMU, the course allowed me to meet some really inspirational figures, that just confirmed by belief in what I was doing, the direction I wanted to go. It was truly inspirational to see their journeys (ups and downs) . One such guest speaker was Loch Arthur.


Story published 2016-2017

"Once you have studied it, food will never be the same again!"
Nikki Welch

Tips for Current and Prospective Students

Do you have any tips for current students?

Engage and interact with your peers. During my time at QMU I suggested a great avenue which would really benefit students would be a forum for like-minded chat, outside of the classroom environment. I suggested a course lunch date for students, something which has now been put into practice and ‘where conversations happen over the table’

How would you describe QMU in less than 3 words?

‘Buzzy’ ‘Intimate’  and ‘Young’ - it feels so new and fresh, studying something relevant today. It’s not theoretical, it’s life!

What did you enjoy most about the Gastronomy Course?

It was such a unique approach to deliver a relevant course in an area that I knew was the future.  It is ground breaking and unique in approach

When you are part of QMU, it feels like a family!


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