I am a second year Applied Pharmacology student that works part time in a Pharmacy back home. I don’t stay in Edinburgh as I am a bagpiper who plays in a grade 2 band: Scottish Fire and Rescue


As well as competing myself, I also teach bagpipes to the ages of 6-18 with North Lanarkshire Schools Pipe Band. I chose to come to QMU as my place of study because it has a friendly atmosphere and good job prospects afterwards. The course is interesting as you learn about how the human body works as well as the invisible world such as microorganisms and bacteria. 

Edinburgh is a well known city and has some amazing sites to sit in while studying. As QMU is just a 6 minute train journey away from the city it is a great venue to study as well as popping into town when you have a day off etc…

"You learn about different kinds of drugs and what their mechanism of action is within the human body as well as the interaction between different kinds. As I work as a dispenser in a Pharmacy I can put the module lectures into perspective with customers and prescriptions that I dispense."
Natasha Mains

The Course

I attended the open day - you got to speak to many lectures as well as seeing the whole campus of QMU. Everyone was friendly and it was far enough away from home to provide a new environment without me having to move out. There are many services within the university to help students out when in need and everything is easy enough to find.

The highlight of the course so far would be starting the Pharmacology module in second year. First year was more of a background to different modules and learning more about the human body whereas, this year we have started the module that relates more to my course.


Story published 2016-2017

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