I chose to study Physiotherapy as I was interested in health and wellbeing; I also had a passion for helping others. Throughout my school years I changed my mind as to what I wanted to study however when I came to making my decision Physiotherapy seemed a best fit to my sporting/health passion and desire to help others.

I chose to study down in Edinburgh as despite my varied thoughts regarding course I had always known that I wanted to come and study in Edinburgh and it just so happened that the course at QMU was also one of the best in Scotland! Outside of university I like to remain active - throughout my first three years I was an active member of the rugby team; this provided me with both a physical and social pursuit out with class time. Now however I am more focused on general fitness and the majority of my free time is spent training at the gym.


Living Away from Home

Living away from home is one of the toughest and greatest experiences you can have. I first moved into halls at QMU and made lots of friends. It was a great way to learn how to survive without parents but also and equally a great opportunity to meet new people. Since then I have lived in Edinburgh itself - this is by far one of the most amazing cities in Scotland and possibly even the UK. There is always something happening, from street markets and pop up shops, to cultural and sporting events and more. It’s a great spur of the moment city where one minute you can be sitting at home relaxing at the next you are experiencing new cultures with friends and/or strangers!


"I chose this course as it married my passion for health and wellbeing with a desire to help others."
Matthew Laird

The Course

I chose QMU as the course outline seemed to match the professional needs of a physiotherapist well. On top of this following my visit to the university for an open day I felt that the staff were approachable and would provide an excellent relaxed learning environment. Edinburgh was also a city that I have always loved and it had always been my plan to study here.

So far the highlight of my course has been my clinical experience from placement. It provides me with the opportunity to apply the learning from the classroom and give something to the community while also learning. Following graduation I am hoping to secure a rotational band 5 physiotherapy position before finding a specialty area to focus my skills.

Life as a Student at QMU

I am a member of the Men’s rugby club. Although my activity in the club is now minimal, I have made a number of friends through the club over my time here at QMU and thoroughly recommend getting involved with a club or society when you come to university.

A top tip for anyone coming here would be to make the most of your time. In the city, there is something for everyone throughout the year.  


Story published 2016-2017

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