Hometown: Nepal


I completed a BBA from Nepal with a specialisation in Marketing. After my BBA, I started working in an IT (web development) company as Business Development Executive and, after that, my husband and I started our own IT company where I worked as Chief Operations Officer (COO).

How did you come to choose this course and why QMU?

Our dream is to establish and a world-class business, but I realised that the knowledge and skills I currently had was not enough. So, to enhance my leadership and management skill, what could be a better choice than attending the University that won the Times Higher Leadership and Management Award in 2012? The award inspired and convinced me that QMU would be an ideal choice for what I want to achieve from my MBA.

Why did you choose to study in Edinburgh/Scotland?

Scotland is a country with world class universities which impressed me, and a UK degree is internationally recognised. Moreover, my friends from QMU shared their good experiences about life at QMU and Edinburgh which inspired me to choose Scotland and QMU as my study destination!

The Course

What did you hope the course would give you? Career change/progression? Continuing personal development?

I hope that the course will help me develop and hone my leadership and management skills. I am also keen to build my capabilities and confidence so I can be more effective in running my own business. .

How did you find the work load? Could you comment on the support available to you?

Initially, I found the education system was very different than ours, so I did struggle a bit. It took time for me to get used to the system, but later with the support from Queen Margaret University’s Effective Learning Service, I was able to catch up and the study became easy and fun. I had problems with my health and needed support from the university regarding my assignments, I am pleased to say that I was well supported, which appreciate a lot.

"It took time for me to get used to the system but later, with the support from Queen Margaret University’s Effective Learning Service, I was able to catch up and the study became easy and fun."
Mansa Rijal Nepal

Are you working during the course?

Yes. I am working part-time.

How do you think your QMU degree has equipped you with the skills/knowledge to development your career?

I am more confident about my knowledge, skills and experience now. I have an international degree from a world class university which is going to provide me with the strength and enthusiasm I need to run my own business and succeed in my endeavour.

What advice would you give prospective PG students?

I struggled initially with writing assignments as the system is completely different from ours. I would therefore encourage international students to get help from Queen Margaret University’s Effective Learning Service (ELS) as soon as you join university. I bet you will find it a very helpful and you don’t have to struggle at all. I wish I would have known about ‘why ELS is important’ rather than just being told ‘if you need help with academic writing go to ELS’. So, trust me and go to ELS once you join the University.

Life After Graduation

What are your future plans once you have completed the course?

I am planning to work for a couple of years in the marketing field and develop marketing skills. With the skills, knowledge and experience associated with international markets, I would be more capable of successfully running my own business. 


Story published 2016-2017

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