About you

"I am from Lisburn, Northern Ireland and currently in Year Four of the BSc (Hons) Nutrition.

"I chose to come to QMU because it was one of the few universities offering a nutrition course. I’m really interested in health and the positive effects that food can have on your body when you nourish it with a balanced diet. I had wished to study nutrition then further my studies to complete a postgraduate degree in dietetics. However my plans changed as soon as I began the BSc (Hons) Nutrition because I knew it was exactly right for me!

"I love cooking and have created a blog called "Juicy Lucie Foods", which contains lots of simple, nutrition-packed recipes, which I’ve enjoyed making while a student. I’ve also set up a granola business which I plan to launch following graduation."

Living away from home

"I lived in the halls of residence in my first year and loved it because I met friends there who I know I’ll have for life. I moved to live in Edinburgh city centre for second and third year. I’m living in Glasgow at the minute with my husband and commuting to QMU. This is very do-able, because there is a train station right next to the QMU campus.

"When living away from home, the top three things I couldn’t be without are: 1. my dressing gown, 2. Tupperware (I’m so embarrassingly middle aged, but seriously, they are essentials for student life and plastic containers are great for storing big batches of cooked food and packed lunches, which will save you a tonne of money) and 3. a hot water bottle — self-explanatory for anyone who has lived in Scotland in the winter.

"As for Edinburgh life, I’ve discovered quite a few hidden gems. Firstly, Leo’s Beanery — it does the best food and the staff are so friendly. Lovecrumbs is the coolest place and you’ll want to spend hours there sipping a flat white on the window seat. Lastly, The New Leaf Co-Op, where you are able to grind your own peanut butter. Need I say more?"

"With a nutrition degree, there are a lot of areas that you could go into after graduation."
Lucie Weir

The course

"I came across for the open day and was amazed by how modern the University was compared to others I’d previously seen. Also, I was really impressed by how handy the train was into the city centre...especially when it arrived pretty much outside Topshop.

"Over the past few years, there has been a heightened interest in health and wellbeing. As a course, I really enjoy it — it is a great representation of the variety within the field of nutrition. This keeps it interesting. With a nutrition degree, there are a lot of areas that you could go into after graduation, for example business, teaching, research, health promotion, to name but a few. It’s certainly an exciting time to be a nutrition student! Personally, I plan on going down the business and health promotion route — companies are on the lookout for students with an up-to-date knowledge of nutrition and food."

Life as a student at QMU

"Life at QMU is fun because it is a smaller campus compared to other universities, and I find that you’re always bumping into someone you know, which is really nice. You can’t possibly get lost.

"The halls, Students’ Union, classrooms, canteen, gym and library (in that order) are so close to each other. You’ll find you are rarely running around...unless you’ve slept in or joined the running club.

"Speaking of running, the gym is great and the membership fee is quite possibly the cheapest you’ll ever find in your whole life. Such a steal because it also includes an array of excellent classes too."


Story published 2016/17

Health Sciences

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