I found a passion for theatre and film while I was at school, being both a member of the ‘film-making society’ and an active member of the drama department, helping out with the production of numerous shows and events. While searching for a course, I found this one based at QMU, which was one of the only courses that combined both theatre and film into one fantastic looking course.

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland


Why did you choose to study in Edinburgh/Scotland?

Being born in Edinburgh, I hope I know it very well. As well as being home, it’s striving theatre and events industry (including the festivals) there were many opportunities to explore my learning through viewing other peoples work, as well as getting hands experience myself!

Living Away from Home

Where did you live whilst studying? If you were living in halls what’s was the best part?

For the first two years of my degree I lived in halls on campus. While in the second year I was lucky enough to choose my flat mates, one of the most interesting and useful experiences was living with new people in first year. For most, it’s the first time living away from home, but learning to live independently and sharing space at the same time was a valuable life step. Being less than two minutes from my bedroom to my lecture room was also a huge benefit!

Life in Edinburgh – what was the best experience you had in Edinburgh? Are there any hidden ‘gems’ you’d like to share?

Edinburgh Christmas is well worth a look, and has now become a tradition among the people on my course. While Edinburgh is brilliant for all sorts of reasons, a place that I hadn’t fully discovered until my third year was Musselburgh itself. The campus is surrounded by green, only seven minutes into the centre of a busy city but also a short walk to a nice beach. Definitely worth an explore!

"Working together with all of our different opinions and experience created a piece of theatre that we were all proud of."
Jamie Cutt

The Course

Did you attend an Open Day? If so was there any aspect of the University which made up your mind for you?

I attended a few open days while looking for universities, but I can specially remember QMU’s impressing me the most. While it (for me) had the best course on offer, it’s modern architecture yet warming atmosphere made me feel comfortable straight away with the campus.

What was the most interesting part of the course? Either something you learned or a particular activity.

One of my favourite parts of the course took place in third year. By this time we all knew each other very well, so jumped at the opportunity to create a small theatre company and show. Working together with all of our different opinions and experience created a piece of theatre that we were all proud of.

Any advice for students who might be interested in this course?

When I started uni I had no interest in acting or any of the performing side. While having to perform confirmed my definite dislike of it, learning the practices allows me to now think as an actor would, helping to direct efficiently and creating a better overall production.

After Graduation

Tell us what happened immediately after you graduated

After I graduated I was lucky enough to be selected as part of a graduate scheme to work for the university in a temporary position. This gave me the opportunity to gain experience in other areas, as well as allowing me to practice my hobby (filmmaking) in my spare time.

Are you currently working? If so please give a brief outline of your job. If not, what are your plans?

I’m currently still working at QMU in the Admissions and Outreach department, helping with the process of placing new students within the university.

Would you consider further study?

No. I think QMU has given me all of the relevant knowledge and practices to achieve my ideal job, so now I just need to go out and get as much experience as possible.


Story published 2016-2017

Film, Media and Communications (inc. Public Relations)

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