My hobby is anything related to arts - I like drawing, sketching, painting, watching performances and music concerts, and also I love to visit museums, because there you find the history of culture preserved.

Hometown: Indonesia


About You

How did you come to choose this course and why QMU? 

I chose this course, because it fulfilled my passion in managing art. I have a background in anthropology sand I have a lot of experience in culture, and my hometown is very rich with cultural events including festivals. In addition, it’s only QMU that offers this very specific course that’s in line with my passion.

Why did you choose to study in Edinburgh/Scotland? 

I chose to study in Edinburgh because it is a cultural and festival city and that thus I can learn a lot in my real life during my studies.

Living Away from Home

If you are living in halls what’s the best part? 

The best part is it’s easier to go to the class, library and also gym; also, having nice flat mates from different countries means that we can share our cultural knowledge, and traditional food.

Life in Edinburgh

What’s the best experience you’ve had so far in Edinburgh? Are there any hidden ‘gems’ you’d like to share? 

The best experience is feel the cultural and historical atmosphere in this historic city, also in the past my dad also doing his Master’s in this city, and since I was child this made me want to follow his path and see this lovely city. Kind of my dream comes true!

"I am studying Master of Arts in Arts Festival and Cultural Management - I wanted to study this course because it's very specific in covering management, art, managing culture and managing festivals (especially relevant in Edinburgh, the festival city). I hope that the course will support me in my future career in Indonesia."
Dinda Putri

The Course

Did you attend an Open Day? If so was there any aspect of the University which made up your mind for you? 

Yes, I did attend. I found out about the effective learning service, which I love - they provide drop in session and writing class. It’s so important for me as an international student using English as my second language. They are very helpful in giving input in on my essay writing.

What’s been the highlight of the course so far? What have you learnt, or which particular activity has been the most interesting?  

I like studying finance and strategic management, which are new things for me but very important for any cultural organisation. I am also excited about the experiential learning, where I can get experience directly with the cultural organisations in this city.

Any advice for students who might be interested in this course? 

Work on your reading and writing skills very well, on order to accomplish assignments. Your experience in arts or cultural organisation will also be useful during class seminar discussions - just don’t be shy to share your experiences.

Any future plans after graduation?

I want to improve the cultural organisation I’ve founded in my home country, drawing on my new experience – my hometown which could become a festivals city.

Life as a Student at QMU

Are you a member of a QMU club or society? If so, what was the reason behind your choice and what do you enjoy most about it? 

I am a member of QMU ISoC (Islamic Society). I chose it because I wanted to meet people in this university who have the same faith me, so we can share our experience and knowledge and support each other.

What’s your ‘top tip’ for making the most of being a student?

Use your student discount well - a lot of student incentives are also provided in this city: sometime you can get things free!


Story published 2016-2017

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