I am from St. Lucia which is an island located in the Caribbean region. I am a qualified nurse with a qualification in Midwifery and Advanced Nursing and I previously worked in primary health care which forms part of the community nursing service in St. Lucia.

Home town: Vieux-Fort, St.Lucia


About you:

I chose to do the Audiology course at the Queen Margaret University because when I compared it to others that I had seen, I realised that it was of a high standard. I was very pleased with the fact that there is a considerable amount to time for clinical placement which I believe will prepare me to develop competence in practicing audiology.

I decided to choose Edinburgh as I was awarded an EU scholarship which required me to study in the EU/UK. Also, on looking through the structure of the course I realised that it was of a high standard. Another deciding factor for me was that the course tuition was more reasonable when compared to other schools.

I am pursuing this course in order to develop both personally and professionally as well as to make a career change from nursing to audiology. On completion of this course I am hoping to be able to use the knowledge and skills that I have gained in order to provide the best care to people with hearing and hearing related problems.

The Course:

This course has proven to be very challenging but the workload is manageable. The lecturers are all very knowledgeable and supportive and adhere to high standards of practice. They have made the subject interesting and are very good at explaining concepts.

The course modules and teaching style helped develop my skills and knowledge preparing me to function as a professional audiologist. I would recommend this programme to any prospective student who would like to develop professionally as well as intellectually and personally.

On completion of this course I look forward to returning home to function as an audiologist and I would also like to be instrumental in contributing to the development of the profession of audiology in St.Lucia.


Story published 2016-2017

Audiology (Pre-Registration)

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