Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland


About You

I obtained my Diploma in Acting and Performance at Coatbridge College and then decided I wanted further my education. I applied for drama schools and the course at Queen Margaret and Napier University was one of my preferred options. I auditioned and received an offer on the day and decided to accept.

I wanted to hone my craft in acting for stage and screen, so the title of the course itself was naturally appealing. I wanted to study at an institution with experienced professionals that would give me insights and help build my knowledge on creating my own business as a freelancer. Furthermore, it was a relatively new up and coming course which made me eager to experience it. You also receive your BA (Hons) within two years as you join having gained an HND.

Living Away from Home

I lived in Cumbernauld for the first year of study and then decided to venture to Edinburgh in my final year. I could do so as I was accepted for the John Gielgud Bursary making it affordable to live in Lothian Road whilst solely focusing on my studies. I have Robin Wilson (staff member) to thank for that as he helped me with my application. I lived with my best friends Patrick Wallace and Blair Thomson and it's an experience I'll never forget.

The best part about living in Edinburgh was living with Patrick and Blair, going to the Meadows in the summer and of course studying a craft that I am passionate about. Also acting at The Kings theatre in David Grieg's 'Dunsinane' was incredible...

Hidden gems? I'll give you one but you have to be a fan of Indian food - it's a place called Mosque Kitchen it's next to the mosque on Clerk Street. I go there every time I'm in Edinburgh. Amazing portions and brilliant value! I am a sucker for a bargain!

Story published 2016-2017