My name is Clara and I studied International Hospitality and Tourism Management as an undergraduate degree at QMU. In my third year of studies I went abroad on exchange to Canada.

Hometown:  Ulm, Germany


About You

How did you come to choose this course and why QMU?

At the end of my exchange year abroad I actually had made up my mind to do my fourth year of university in London. However, when a friend told me that QMU offered a Master’s in International Management and Leadership with Hospitality I thought this could be of interest to me as I had been keen to study something more generic than Hospitality. When I found out that third-year students with a high enough average could apply, I contacted a lecturer and he was immediately willing to Skype with me and have a personal chat about the course. I was really impressed by the personal treatment I received before even applying. This was when I decided I liked to do the Master’s. Another thing that really impressed me was the Community Impact project and the ethical ideology that goes along with it. I think it is very important that ethical awareness and social responsibility are seen as an elementary part of management and leadership and hence incorporated in respective university courses.

The Course

What did you hope the course would give you? Career change/progression? Continuing personal development?

I chose this course as I was unsure about my future and only knew that I wanted to move into a more general field of studies rather than just hospitality and tourism. This course seemed ideal for it. As I am really keen on business ethics and social responsibility, I liked that the final work of the course was project to positively impact the community.

"The degree has definitely helped me to further build on the skills I received through my previous degree and given me an understanding of the international nature of contemporary business management."
Clara Boeker

How did you find the work load? Could you comment on the support available to you?

The workload during the master’s was extensive and sometimes very challenging, however it was always reassuring to have the support of my fellow students when staying all day in the library. Also whenever personal issues or problems interfered with my studies, I knew that the programme leaders would do everything they could in order to support us students to achieve our academic goals despite unforeseen circumstances. This was a big relief and contributed positively to the overall atmosphere of the course.

Are you working during the course? If applicable, if you have a scholarship or bursary how is it helping you with your studies?

I was lucky enough to not have to work while attending the master’s and also received a scholarship to support me with financing the tuition fees, which was a great assistance in enabling me to attend the course.

How do you think your QMU degree has equipped you with the skills/knowledge to development your career?

The degree has definitely helped me to further build on the skills I received through my previous degree and given me an understanding of the international nature of contemporary business management.

What top tips would you give prospective PG students based on your own personal experience?

I would recommend for any prospective PG students to make sure to start with all their work early (for real!), keep an open mind and embrace the international landscape of the fellow students and don’t be shy to contact the lecturers if you are struggling with anything. The course lectures are always approachable for their students and have their best interests in mind.


Story published 2016-2017


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