Information on the support available for care leavers and care experienced students

At QMU we know coming to University can be daunting for anyone. We also recognise that if you have spent time in Local authority care, whether away from home or in the home, or in foster care then you may require additional support and advice to help you through your university journey.

To help you get to QMU, we can provide you with:

• Advice on routes through education, including college opportunities
• Support to complete your UCAS application (If you are happy to do this without any help, remember to tick the box which asks if you have been in care, so we know to get in touch with you once we receive your application to discuss any appropriate support.)
• An offer to the course you have applied for at the minimum entry requirement

Once you arrive at QMU we can offer you:

• Individualised advice about funding
• Priority places on transition activities such as QMAdvance and QMConnect
• Extended leases in accommodation
• Priority access to opportunities for paid employment on campus

To be eligible for support we may ask you for evidence of your care leaver status. Our definition of a care leaver is:

“a person aged 25 or under, who was looked after away from home by a local authority for at least 13 weeks since the age of 14; and who was looked after away from home by the local authority at school leaving age on or after that date.”

We can also help you if you have a background in care and have:

“been in the care of a local authority for at least 13 weeks whether away from home or in the home”

Please contact Student Services for more information or to see an adviser if you would like to discuss your needs further.

In addition, with your permission, we can liaise with your support worker to ensure you are supported appropriately throughout your time at QMU.