Sexual Consent

Sexual Consent

Sexual abuse, harassment and violence occur when you have not consented to a sexual act, where you have not had the freedom or ability to give your consent.

Consent is defined as 'free agreement' The act covering the crime of rape provides a list of situations where consent or 'free agreement' is deemed to be absent. These include:​

- where the victim is incapable of consenting because of the effect of alcohol or any other substance​

- where the victim is asleep or unconscious​

- where the victim agrees or submits to the conduct because of violence or threats of violence used against them, or any other person

If you are concerned or worried about your behaviour then it is important start making changes immediately. Being accused of something can be distressing - you can get independent support and help from the Student's Union or speak to a member of staff at Student Services; both male and female advisors are available where possible.

Further information: 

See Rape Crisis Scotland - Help About Sexual Violence  and Consent is Everything.