Building upon more than 140 years of experience within the University and its predecessor institutions, the current hospitality and gastronomy lecturers at QMU consider themselves the custodians of the expertise passed down from the founders of the former Edinburgh School of Cookery. Our courses today are underpinned by some of the simple philosophies that were at the heart of the institution’s teaching over a century ago.

The MSc Gastronomy is a truly exciting innovation within Scottish postgraduate education. The MSc Gastronomy course has fired the imagination of the country’s top chefs, restaurateurs, legislators and those from a variety of food and drink related businesses.

We welcome applicants with diverse backgrounds and experiences and we would be delighted to discuss the course with you.

Why QMU?

The QMU way of doing things is reflected in our courses and methods. Our culture is defined by strong personal relationships, informality and flexibility. We encourage our students to be truly ambitious, to experiment, be innovative, take risks, even fail!, and learn. To drive this we foster a culture of respectful challenge and debate. Regular interaction with colleagues from frontline industry helps provide our students with insights into the realities of the workplace.

We keep our group sizes small, giving you unrivalled access to tutors and allowing you to enjoy a true teamwork experience with your peers. Additionally, you will be taught by a lecturing team who have spent a considerable number of years actually working in industry and are not constrained by theoretical dogma.

Our module delivery therefore has been designed to test not only relevant subject knowledge but also to provide useful skills and competencies in our graduates – presentation skills, report writing, research, analysis and evaluation techniques for business.

Industry links

Our industrial contacts and liaisons are numerous and represent companies large and small across Scotland, the UK and throughout the world. We work with vibrant organisations that have vision, are leaders in their field and are passionate about hospitality, food and drink and quality service delivery. During your study with us, we will expose you to guest speakers from industry as well as visits to external companies which will add value to the learning experiences.

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