The Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, Scholarship, is an annual award which aims to fund, either wholly or in part (to a maximum of £1000), overseas research-related initiatives which are likely to advance knowledge and/or have a positive impact on people’s lives. Where two or more applicants are considered worthy of an award the Scholarship may be split.

Applications for the 2018 scholarship should be received no later than Friday, 27 April 2018.

Who can apply?

  • Current postgraduate and research students of Queen Margaret University
  • Recent graduates of the University who obtained their qualifications not more than three years ago

What types of activities are eligible for support?

  • Fieldwork for a research project or Masters dissertation
  • Presentation of research at an international conference
  • Visits to overseas universities for collaborative research purposes

In considering applications, the Committee will give priority to the following criteria:

  • Will the activity benefit QMU?
  • Will the activity benefit the wider research community?
  • Is the activity likely to lead to publishable papers?
  • Are other sources of funding available?
  • Is the activity certain to take place if funding is supplied?

What types of activities are not eligible for support?

  • Travel to and from your home country (if you live outside the UK)
  • Any activity which takes place solely in the UK

Are there any conditions attached to the award?

A brief written report will be required from the award holder(s) within six months. Scholars who, for no valid reason, fail to complete the venture or to submit the reports will be required to reimburse the fund in whole or in part.

How to apply

Applications should be made using the Princess Alice Award Competition application form, and should be emailed to the Graduate School by Friday, 27 April 2018