You can find help and guidance for Turnitin and Grademark here.

Assessment Submissions & Feedback

This online marking service allows a Tutor to "mark" student submissions on-screen. GradeMark provides the ability to place comments in an electronic copy of the student text in various ways.

Student Guides:

Tutor Guides:

A new iPad app is available to mark online. Web resources are available from the Turnitin website.  It is strongly recommended that you:

  1. sync the app, i.e. connect to your Hub area. This will ensure that all data is synced especially if you are in the process of marking.
  2. upgrade the app.

Issues have been reported with loss of data and black screens if you upgrade the app without syncing first.


Originality Report

Who is it for?

Students & Tutors

What does it do?

Turnitin Originality report is an online service which accepts submissions electronically and compares them with over 800 million web pages and a range of electronic resources. It then returns an "Originality Report" highlighting instances of matches with the external sources which may highlight poor referencing.

Click the following links for guidance:

  • Tutor - contact your School Office administrator for setup

Turnitin also integrate online marking software called Feedback Studio. A separate Turnitin link should be setup by the School Office in the the Assessment/Assignment module content area. Guidance is available see the tab below.

Documentation and resources