Gender Justice and Violence: Feminist Approaches (in Partnership With Scottish Women’s Aid) (CPD)

This course is for women and men who wants to be more effective at taking action to tackle violence against women and work for gender justice.

Please note: although a start date is specified in the Course Overview box opposite, this may not represent the actual start date. For confirmation of start date, please contact the staff member named on the Key Details tab on this page.

About the Course

The aims of the course are:

- to introduce an overview of gender based violence as global and social injustice

- to explore and critically examine explanatory frameworks for male violence against women, and the links between theory and practice

- To provide a foundation for critical reflection and engaged action in commitment to gender justice Understanding men's use of violence against women and children, the social construction of gender norms and roles, and the importance of women’s movements in campaigning against such violence, is central to the gendered analysis of injustice and power relationships in the home and throughout society. Gender Justice, Masculinities and Violence draws on this analysis to examine violence against women and struggles for gender justice in historical and political contexts. Participants will have the opportunity to explore theories and debates within feminist movements and amongst academics and activists concerned with social justice in the 21st century. COURSE COVERS: - Definitions and key concepts - The history of violence against women as a social problem - Research on prevalence, contexts and consequences of gender based violence (including domestic abuse, sexual violence, sexual exploitation, globalisation, harmful cultural practices) - Gender, violence, feminism and new social movements - Constructions of masculinity - Explanatory frameworks and theories - Connecting theory and practice and working for gender justice Teaching will reflect the principles of active, collaborative and experiential learning. The course is aimed at practitioners and activists working in the fields of domestic abuse/sexual violence/gender equality. It will also be of interest to other professionals, students and citizens who would like to develop their knowledge, get involved in campaigns or consider employment in this field. The course is suitable for Continuing Professional Development and also forms part of QMU’s degree programme in Public Sociology. SCQF = Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework.

Entry Requirements

No prior qualifications are required, but you should have some awareness and understanding of issues concerning gender-based violence, including domestic abuse and sexual exploitation and should be in sympathy with the aims of the movement to eradicate violence against women.

Professional Registration

This course does not offer professional registration.

Key details

Outcomes: 20 credit points at SCQF level 10.

Start Date: TBC

Location/Attendance: Attendance at two 2-day workshops in Edinburgh is required. The remainder of study is at home or in your workplace.

Fees: The standard fee for the 20 credit module in 2018/19 applies: £600.  The course is also available without credit for £150.

Fee Waiver: If you are in receipt of any form of state benefit (including Working Tax credits) and are studying part-time at undergraduate level then you may be eligible for a Fee Waiver .

Academic Disabled Student Co-ordinator: Eurig Scandrett

For further information, including application process, please contact: Eurig Scandrett +44 (0)131 474 0000 escandrett@qmu.ac.uk


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