Monday 13th April (Easter Monday) and Friday 15th May

Queen Margaret University’s Senior Leadership Team are absolutely committed to supporting student health and wellbeing while COVID-19 affects our way of working and living, as well as protecting the quality of their education. Alongside this, the Senior Leadership Team are working to support the health and wellbeing of the University’s staff who have been working very long hours in recent weeks, both on weekdays and at weekends, to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on students. Like students, staff have had to face real practical and emotional challenges that they had not anticipated. In addition to our duty of care to staff, we need them to be fit and well in order that they can address student needs.

As part of our efforts to support staff health and wellbeing - and in recognition of their extraordinary efforts in recent weeks – all members of staff will be given two rest days. For the majority of staff these rest days will be taken on Monday 13th April (Easter Monday) and Friday 15th May.

These days are intended to be used by staff to rest and switch off from work. We would ask you to try not to email staff on these rest days, wherever possible. We are, of course, acutely conscious that students’ need to seek support from staff is increased at this time, and so these rest days have been spaced out partly to minimise their impact on students. Thank you for your support.

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