Advanced Microwave Technologies (AMT) is a highly innovative company that has developed a revolutionary new food processing method which has the potential to transform global food manufacturing. The cutting-edge technology developed by Dr Yuriy Zadyraka has led to a revolutionary new food processing method called Microwave Volumetric Heating (MVH). Originally developed to treat waste blood from abattoirs, the company very quickly realised the commercial opportunities for the food and drink sector. With expertise in nutritional analysis, initial product validation work was undertaken by Queen Margaret University which helped AMT establish a route to market.

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A feasibility study was undertaken to explore the use of MVH technology to pasteurise fruit juice which was provided by Thomas Thomson (Blairgowrie) Ltd. This work was undertaken to: verify the efficacy of the process for this application; demonstrate the potential within the food and drink sector; and establish the expertise and partnerships to support the transition of the technology to the food and drink industry.

A review of scientific literature was undertaken to establish the existing information about the stability of vitamins and other micronutrients, and the determination of survival rates of moulds, yeasts and bacteria, following microwave processing. Juice prepared from raw fruit was treated with microwaves and compared to untreated and High Pressure Processing (HPP) treated juices. Sensory taste panels were undertaken to understand the attributes and tastes of the treated juice and microbiological and antioxidant assays were undertaken to determine the shelf life.

The results show that the new technology is a very gentle process of pasteurisation and can extend the shelf life of juice without destroying nutrients and antioxidants or altering taste which is highly unusual for any form of thermal processing. After carrying out the research AMT was approached by Get Juiced, a small company based in Stirling, who found that existing pasteurisation techniques proved detrimental to the taste of their freshly squeezed orange juice and who wanted to understand the effects of MVH on their product. A trial was carried out and the results showed that treatment increased the shelf life of the product without affecting the flavour or nutritional content of the juice. With a shelf life of 28 days the company have invested in a new AMT machine, doubled their turnover and won contracts from Aldi and Asda.

The client was delighted with the collaboration with Queen Margaret University:

“Queen Margaret University academics helped us prove that Microwave Volumetric Heating (MVH) is a very gentle method of flash pasteurisation that can extend the shelf life of products such as fruit juice, without spoiling the nutrients, aroma and flavour. Queen Margaret University’s report was important in helping AMT identify its sales proposition and gain entry to a technical market. We were delighted to have our collaboration recognised by Interface in 2012 when we jointly received the Excellence Award for ‘Sustained Partnership’ in Knowledge Exchange.”

Dr Sue Gordon, Sales, Marketing and Trials Manager, Advanced Microwave Technologies Ltd.

The impact of the research from an academic perspective:

“This pilot project provided a wealth of information. We were able to identify areas for improvement and solutions to AMT machine-specific technical issues, as well as obtaining robust pilot data on the microbe profiles and nutrient content of fruit juices treated with different heating protocols. Our work with AMT has promoted and cemented industry partnerships in order to support the transition of this technology to the food and drink industry.”

Dr Mary Warnock, Senior Lecturer in Dietetics Nutrition and Biological Science, QMU


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Dr Yuriy Zadyraka, Advanced Microwave Technologies Ltd

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