After being a visiting lecturer for many years, Anne O'Donnell joined QMU in January 2022 as a lecturer in Mad Studies.

I come to Mad Studies from a background of lived experience, survivor activism, independent advocacy and community education.

I graduated with a MSc in Community Education at the University of Edinburgh in 2007

I am currently doing my PhD “Learning to Challenge Epistemic Injustice: Collective Advocacy in Scotland”  at the University of Edinburgh.

My teaching and my research are both based on linking the personal and the public.

Active research interests (list 10 key areas max):

Mad Studies; Community Education; Community Development; Mental health survivor/service user activism; Independent Collective Advocacy; Epistemic Injustice; Social Movement Learning

Research Methods (list 10 key areas max):

Qualitative; Autoethnography; Bricolage; Arts-based methods

I teach on the Mad Studies MSc programme and am a module co-ordinator on: 

  • Interrogating Mad Studies
  • Mad People's History and Identity