Honorary Professor


Robert Palmer is an Honorary Professor in the Media, Communication and Performing Arts Division at Queen Margaret University. 

  • Overview

Robert Palmer is a free-lance independent expert consultant in the cultural field, with considerable international experience.Areas of specialist expertise include cultural policy and strategy, organisation and management, intercultural integration, cultural rights, cultural festivals and events, art and conflict reconciliation, culture-led urban regeneration and European Capitals of Culture.

Formerly, he was the Director of Culture and Cultural and National Heritage at the Council of Europe, based in Strasbourg, France and he has worked in the cultural sector for more than 30 years. Prior to joining the Council of Europe in 2006 was an expert independent adviser to governments, cities and regions in more than 20 countries on cultural development and regeneration, cultural tourism, festivals and arts policies, and a consultant to cultural foundations, cultural networks, arts organisations, and intergovernmental bodies such as the European Cultural Foundation, the European Commission and UNESCO.

He has been very involved in European Capitals of Culture and was the Director of two – Glasgow (1990) and Brussels (2000) and published a study for the European Commission, which evaluated 20 capitals of Culture. During this career, he has been the Director of Drama, Dance and Touring at the Scottish Arts Council, and the first Director of Arts for the City of Glasgow.

Robert Palmer is a Board member of various arts institutions and international festivals, the Chair of European arts juries, and is asked regularly to speak at international cultural conferences and workshops. He has been given various awards in recognition of his work n the UK, Belgium, Ukraine and France. He is currently working on projects in Portugal, Italy, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Canada, UK, and is living in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is the author of many reports and publications including “Eventful Cities: Cultural Management and Urban Revitalisation" (Butterworth-Heineman/Elsevier), The Palmer Report: Study of European Capitals of Culture (European Commission), and “City Resilience Through Culture” (British Council).