Research Assistant


Marcus Fernandes is a Research Assistant within the Institute for Global Health and Development. 

Marcus is interested in the human condition at micro and macro scales. He is an alumnus of the University of Cambridge’s Department of Architecture where he explored projects on meditation, cinema, alternative living, and apocalyptic anticipation. While there, he contributed to a body of research inquiring into recent and rapid social, economic, and political changes in Tanzania, producing a chapter on the misaligned visions and realities of new gated communities in Zanzibar. Since then, he has explored film as a medium to communicate ideas pertaining to the abstract, the uncanny, and social issues like reproductive rights.

He is a keen writer and illustrator, driven to create works that ponder the complexities of the human mind, to which others can hopefully relate. Most recently, while training as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, he taught classes of displaced Ukrainians, deepening an interest in the topics he will further explore as a Research Assistant (Communications and Design) with the Migration, Integration and Social Connections research group throughout the remainder of 2022.

My undergraduate dissertation looked at socio-economic class stereotypes through Australian sitcoms as a reference for current and future urban planning and design. During my time at QMU, I will be working with the Migration, Integration and Social connections research group.