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Gimenne Zwama (MPH, BSc) is a Research Assistant in the Institute for Global Health and Development.

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Gimenne is a health systems researcher with a Master of Public Health from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  She has 5 years of experience conducting action research in low- and middle-income countries, mostly in South Africa. For her work at the Health and Human Rights Programme at the University of Cape Town, she worked on increasing health care accessibility for marginalised communities and investigated the role of health care provider capacity-building in promoting the meaningful participation of communities in health care governance. More recently, she has performed participatory action research on maternal health in a low-income setting in Brazil, worked on a multi-centre qualitative research project and for a medical ethics committee in the Netherlands. Gimenne’s past combined background in biomedical sciences, epidemiology and science communication has led to her interest in tackling the gaps between scientific evidence, policy and practice.

Gimenne’s research is part of a multi-disciplinary project on infection prevention and control for drug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa. She focuses on the health systems components of the project that investigate, in-depth, the infrastructural and spatial design, organisation of TB care, and ideas about risk and responsibility for infection prevention and control measures among health workers at facility level.

Active research interests:

Responsive and people-centred health systems, health systems research and evaluation, health service delivery, low- and middle- income countries, community participation, health inequalities, health ownership, human rights-based approaches, capacity building, implementation science

Research Methods:

(Participatory) action research, appreciative inquiry, ethnography, mixed methods, realist evaluation

Umoya omuhle: Infection prevention and control for drug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa in the era of decentralised care: a whole systems approach

Umoya ohmule is a collaborative, interdisciplinary project investigating the transmission of drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) in clinics across two regions of South Africa. The name, Umoya omuhle, means good air in Zulu, and embodies the project vision of bringing a ‘breath of fresh air' to current thinking on infection prevention and control.

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