Research Assistant


Gianluca Palombo is a research assistant in the EU-AMIF project ‘New Scots Integration: A Pathway to Social and Economic Inclusion’. He has also worked as a policy consultant and project manager.

Since completing his International Relations MSc at the University of Glasgow in 2017, he has worked freelance as a research assistant with Scottish Refugee Council on a project looking at the impact of Brexit on refugee rights. Gianluca also consulted on the formation of the Migration Policy Scotland think tank which launched in 2020. Gianluca has worked extensively in the third sector in Scotland, managing a vocational training programme for CodeYourFuture and organising refugee rights campaigns for Maryhill Integration Network.

Gianluca's research interests have largely been in migration and asylum policy in regional, national and international contexts. Gianluca is also interested in utilizing his experience in managing grassroots social development projects to amplify lived-experience voices and inform more effective and fair policy.

Active research interests:

  • Migration
  • Asylum
  • Integration
  • Vocational and educational attainment for under-served people

Research Methods:

  • Participatory Action Research
  • Discourse analysis
  • Focus groups
  • Semi-structured interview