Mrs K. A. Scott (BSc, MSc) is a Lecturer in the Dietetics, Nutrition & Biological Sciences, Physiotherapy, Podiatry & Radiography Division.

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Lecturer in Radiography with many years experience in clinical service provision and management in the UK and the Middle East.   Career-long involvement in education, both in the workplace and in the academic environment.   Particular clinical interests include radiation safety, orthopaedic and paediatric general imaging.  I also have experience in specialist imaging modalities including Computed Tomography and Radionuclide Imaging in both adult and paediatric practice.  

A lecturer since 2004, I have a particular interest in undergraduate, student-centered education and have worked collaboratively to develop E-learning within the subject area of radiography at Queen Margaret University. Modules have been developed to ensure student-centeredness and utilise varied forms of learning activities, formative and summative assessment and feedback mechanisms.

Part of the development team for MSc Diagnostic Radiography (pre-reg) and MSc Medical Imaging programmes, I have also participated in programme validation and review events in QMU.

I am the radiation protection supervisor for QMU and work closely with the Health and Safety Officer with regard to risk assessment and dose monitoring.

Affiliations/Memberships to Other Organisations:

  • Member of Society of Radiographers; HCPC Registered Radiographer

I have collaborated in researching educational issues such as the use of ePortfolios and feedback to students in achieving professional competence in clinical practice, encouraging reflective practice and ensuring student-centered methods of learning and assessment.   I am particularly interested in the perceptions of students of the value of feedback, in both academic and clinical education.

Research Methods:

  • Predominantly qualitative research via interviews and focus groups.


Please see my research publications in eResearch – Queen Margaret University’s repository


  • R1028 Diagnostic Practice (Co-ordinator)
  • R1043 Science and Technology (Co-ordinator)
  • R1039 Science and Technology (Co-ordinator) Radiotherapy MSc Students - Formative
  • R1044 Radiodiagnostic Physics and Equipment (Co-ordinator)
  • R2014 Diagnostic Practice (Co-ordinator)
  • R2026 Radiodiagnostic Physics and Equipment (Co-ordinator)
  • R2025 Clinical Practice in Diagnostic Imaging Level 2
  • R3031 Clinical Practice in Diagnostic Imaging Level 3
  • R4026 Clinical Practice in Diagnostic Imaging Level 4
  • R4034 Applied Research
  • R4019 Interprofessional Education Level 4
  • RM052 Introduction to Radiodiagnostic Imaging Masters
  • RM053 Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiography Masters
  • PM080 Research Methods for Health Professionals Masters (School-wide)
  • PM048 Dissertation (Pre-registration) Masters (School-wide)

Graduated MSc in 2010.