Dr Carla McArdle (PhD, BSc (Hons)) is a Lecturer in the Dietetics, Nutrition & Biological Sciences, Physiotherapy, Podiatry & Radiography Division.

Carla McArdle received a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Podiatry from Ulster University (UU), Northern Ireland in 2009.  Following graduation she has worked both in private practice and within the NHS.  In October 2011 Carla was successful in gaining a department of employment and learning (DEL) funded position to undertake a PhD at UU of which she completed in June 2015.  Carla’s PhD was in her area of interest which is the diabetic foot and it focussed on investigating the microbiology and pH of DFU wound fluid.  Carla hopes to continue this research and further investigate ways to rapidly detect infection in diabetic foot ulcers.

Carla commenced her full-time lecturing post at QMU in August 2014. Within the undergraduate programme and BSc conversion degree, Carla is programme leader for BSc Conversion Degree and admission tutor for the undergraduate podiatry programme. Additionally Carla is module leader for the Introduction to Research Methods, Disorder and Management 1 and Clinical Studies 2 and teaches on the following modules at undergraduate level; Disorders and Management 3, Cell Biology and Pathophysiology, Microbiology, and Evidence Based Health Care 2.

At postgraduate level Carla is involved in the supervision of both masters and doctorate students.

Carla also has clinical duties within her role as a lecturer and supervises students in the level 2 and 3 teaching clinics along with the nail surgery clinics were students administer local anaesthetic and carry out nail surgery procedures.

Affiliations/Memberships to Other Organisations:

  • Member of the Society of Chiropody and Podiatry
  • Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council

Carla’s PhD research lies in her area of interest which is the diabetic foot and involved the collection and analysis of diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) wound fluid, specifically looking at the clinical analysis of pH and the microbial status of wound fluid. This clinical analysis informed subsequent in vitro studies investigating the effects of wound fluid pH on the bacterial persistence (growth, biofilm production and antibiotic resistance) of DFU bacteria isolated from wound fluid samples. Carla’s research identified that the pH present in DFUs can potentially affect the persistence of bacteria. She hopes to continue this research and investigate ways to more accurately detect infection in these difficult to treat wounds where the overt signs are often absent.

Within QMU Carla is involved in the supervision of Masters, PhD and professional doctorate students which areas of research expand across varying areas within podiatry including diabetes and podiatric surgery etc.

Active Research Interests:

  • Diabetes, Infection, microbiology, wound healing, musculoskeletal injuries.

Carla's seminars and lectures focus on microbiology, cell biology and physiology and Evidence Based Health Care, amongst other topics.

Program Leader:

BSc Conversion Degree

Doctor of Philosophy – 2015