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Dr Hazel Baxter-Reid (BA (Hons), M(Res), PhD) is a Lecturer in the Business Enterprise and Management Division. She is also an associate member of the Centre for Applied Social Sciences.

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After completing my undergraduate degree in Human Resource Management at Strathclyde Business School in 2006, I decided to embark upon a research masters and then a PhD in 2007, both at Strathclyde Business School. I graduated with my PhD in 2013. My thesis analysed Central and Eastern European migrants working in low wage work in Scotland. The central focus of my thesis is on the exchange of expectations and obligations by Central and Eastern European migrant workers and employers in the employment relationship.

Towards the end of my PhD in 2011 I began working as a research assistant for Professor Dennis Nickson, then Head of Human Resource Management Department in Strathclyde Business School. My work involved project managing a number of interesting research projects, including skill needs in high-end and luxury retail, HR graduates and HR graduate training programmes and workforce policy and planning issues in the Scottish tourism industry. I now continue to work with Professor Nickson and other academics from the University of Glasgow and Queensland Institute of Technology writing papers on skill requirements in high-end retail. In addition to this I am building my research profile by speaking at international conferences and publishing papers from my PhD, one of which has recently been published in Human Resource Management Journal.

I obtained a lectureship in Human Resource Management in 2013 at Queen Margaret University and teach on a range of different undergraduate and postgraduate modules, including human resource management, business research methods and work based learning.

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Research/Knowledge Exchange Centre Membership:

Associate - Centre for Applied Social Sciences

My research and publication interests lie in the areas of labour migration, work and employment issues in low wage work, labour process theory, job quality and contemporary HR/labour market issues. I have a particular interest in Central and Eastern European migrant workers employed in low-wage work in the UK.

Active research interests:

  • Labour migration
  • Low-skilled employment
  • Labour process theory
  • Retail work
  • Skill
  • Marginalized workers

Research Methods:

  • Case study
  • Semi-structured interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys


Other Funding:

ESRC funded PhD and MRes

My teaching and learning areas include all aspects of Human Resource Management, such as the labour market and skills, recruitment and selection, training and development, pay and rewards, performance management and employment relations. I also teach about work based learning, including employability, hard and soft skills, and business research methods.


  • UG – B2082 Human Resource Management
  • UG – B2088 Work Based Learning
  • UG – B3136 Business Research Methods
  • PG – BM086 Human Resource Management