Division of Business, Enterprise and Management

A responsive, dynamic and modern division, we deliver top quality programmes that are continuously updated to make them relevant to the rapidly changing global business environment concerned about sustainability. We offer a complete range of business and management education programmes from undergraduate to postgraduate and post-experience programmes, including MBAs, Executive Masters degrees as well as PhDs.

Research within our division has the overall focus on strategic and applied research, i.e., research that directly benefits user communities. Research Centres are being developed to build capacity in key areas and to facilitate research links between academia, business and the community.

Research and knowledge exchange within the division spans a wide range of disciplines, including Family Business, Operations and Quality Management, Human Resource Management; Marketing Ombudsman, Complaint Handling, Dispute Resolution and Consumer Affairs. Current sectoral research interests are concentrated on Hospitality and Tourism, Ethnic and Microenterprises, Consumer Insight and the Public Sector. Our staff lead the University’s Consumer Dispute Resolution Centre, and forums for the study of planned events and family business research.

We also offer a wide range of professional and consultancy services to both the public and private sectors.