Consumer Insight and Sensory Analysis

Our team include a IFST accredited sensory scientist who can provide consumer insights and sensory analysis services across food and beverage categories. The data provided by our Scottish consumer panel can guide new and existing product development and be used to gain new listings. 

Consumer Insight

  • Consumer insight provides data on degree of liking, preference and purchasing habits
  • Recruitment from our consumer panel database achieve a specific demographic or from a general population 
  • Questionnaires created in collaboration with clients
  • Testing can be carried out in our purpose built sensory suite based at Queen Margaret University, at-home testing or in an product environment
  • Consumer panels are used for;
    • Benchmarking against competitors
    • Determining the success of a reformulation
      before going to market
    • Gathering data on purchasing habits, drivers or
      barriers of purchase
    • Gathering opinions on new innovative products

Sensory Analysis

  • Panel members are trained to assess the product objectively
  • Investigates similarities/differences between food and drink products
  • Sensory analysis is carried out in our purpose built sensory suite based at Queen Margaret University
  • A trained panel will noticed change in a sensory profile therefore useful to;
    • monitor production batches
    • determine if product reformulation was successful
    • determine shelf life
    • create a sensory profile for the product
  • Methodologies include but not limited to;
    • Descriptive quantitative analysis
    • Time intensity testing
    • Discrimination testing

These services can be used commercially and for research purposes 

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