Consumer Insight and Sensory Analysis

Our team can carry out consumer insight and sensory analysis on food and drink products.

Whether you want to find out what consumers think of your product or determine the sensory properties of your product, our projects are flexible to meet your requirements. 

Consumer Insight

  • Consumer insight provides data on degree of liking, preference and purchasing habits
  • Recruitment from our consumer panel database achieve a specific demographic or from a general population¬†
  • All questionnaires are created in collaboration with each client
  • Testing can be carried out in our purpose built sensory suite based at Queen Margaret University, at-home testing or can be carried out anywhere globally with internet access using our cloud based software

Sensory Analysis

  • Sensory panels are screened for sensory capabilities and trained to objectively assess products
  • Investigates similarities/differences between food and drink products
  • Sensory analysis is carried out in our purpose built sensory suite based at Queen Margaret University
  • Types of sensory analysis we can provide include but not limited to;
    • Descriptive quantitative analysis
    • Time intensity testing
    • Discrimination testing

To find more specific information about consumer insights and sensory analysis services we can provide, please contact 

To join our consumer panel community please read over our FAQs and email for an application form.

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