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Meet the team at the Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation.   Whether you are seeking help with product development, sensory and consumer insight or any of the other services we offer, we are here to provide an approachable, friendly and cost efficient solution.


Catriona Liddle 

Head of SCFDI

Catriona heads up the team at the SCFDI, with a background spanning 25+ years in the food industry in companies such as Campbell Soup, Dairy Crest, Diet Chef and Glanbia Performance Nutrition.  Her specialisms are new product development, reformulation, ingredient functionality and applications.   Catriona is currently co-leading an Innovate UK project on palm oil replacement for the food industry. 

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Sarah Wilkie

Sensory Technologist 

Following on from her BSc in Nutrition at Queen Margaret University, Sarah proceeded to an MSc in Food Technology – Quality Assurance at the University of Reading. She now leads all consumer and sensory projects at the SCFDI and has an intermediate IFST qualification in sensory evaluation. She has a keen interest in intra- and inter-individual differences in taste and aroma perception, product trends and consumer behaviour.

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Caitlin MacVicar

Food Technologist

A QMU Nutrition and Food Science graduate, Caitlin has a keen interest in new product development and reformulation. She enjoys the challenge of being given a novel product brief that can allow her to use her food science knowledge.

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 Dr Julien Lonchamp

Reader in Food Science

Julien is a lecturer in food science and a researcher at the SCFDI. His work focuses on the development of novel functional ingredients with combined health and sustainability benefits, with a particular focus on fat replacement, salt reduction and optimisation of industry co-products. Julien leads current Innovate UK-funded PALM-ALT project (2020-2022) on palm fat replacement and has contributed as research co-investigator to a number of other large grants.


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