Food and Drink Product Development

Our team have expertise in developing products across food and drink categories. Tailored solutions to meet your exact requirements. 

What we offer;

    • Recipe development 
    • Ideation workshops
    • Existing product development
    • Extending and assessing shelf life
    • Regulation compliance
    • Prepare initial and commercial prototypes
    • Nutrition calculations and analysis
    • Food labelling advice
    • Product costing
    • Links to industry suppliers
    • Assistance for scaling-up formulations

Equipment at SCFDI

We have a range of industrially focused analytical equipment to technically assess products in terms of texture, colour, moisture, acidity, brix and fat stability.

We have a pilot plant offering a range of industrial processing equipment

Support & Funding

We work with a range of agencies that can offer funding and advice for food and drink businesses;

  • Interface
  • Scottish Funding Council
  • Scotland Food and Drink
  • Business Gateway
  • Food & Drink Federation Scotland
  • Scottish Enterprise


Our team have expertise in product quality and flavour matching and ingredient sourcing. 

Products may need to be reformulated to achieve:

- new food guidance/legislation compliance (salt, sugar and fat reductions)

- health benefits (increased fibre, protein, vitamins or function ingredients)

- sustainability goals

- cost reduction

- ingredient procurement

Academic research and development projects

We provide knowledge exchange activities, either through consultancy, collaborative research or contract or commissioned research. Find out more about our Research Knowledge and Exchange

Read our case study working with Lauren Leisk from FODILICIOUS to create the world's first low FODMAP energy drink!

Our team recently completed an Innovate UK grant creating a palm oil substitute function ingredient for bakery products.

Watch our video on how our team can help food and drink businesses of any size. 

SCFDI Project Enquiries

Contact SCFDI with a short description of the project you would like our help with.

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