Researchers at QMU in Edinburgh work closely with the Unit’s collaborative partners - the Global Health Initiative, American University Beirut (AUB), Lebanon and the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS), Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Research Unit Staff

Alastair Ager, Unit Director

Sophie Witter, Deputy Director

Linda Graham, Research Unit Manager

Jone Garcia Lurgain, Research Unit Officer

Alison Strang, Senior Researcher

Karina Kielmann, Senior Researcher

Maria Bertone, Research Fellow

Nicole Vidal, Research Fellow

Karin Diaconu, Research Fellow

Shadi Saleh, Research Lead, GHI, AUB

Haja Wurie, Co-Research Lead, COMAHS

Mohamad Samai, Co-Research Lead, COMAHS


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