Thanks to a significant amount of money donated by the Scottish arm of the charity, speech and language therapists can now offer specialist electropalatography (EPG) treatment to young people from up and down the country. 

The Wooden Spoon Speech Clinic specialises in using visual biofeedback in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of speech sound disorders in children and young people aged 5 to 25.

What is visual biofeedback?

Visual biofeedback in speech is real-time information about how the tongue is moving while you talk. The two techniques used in the Wooden Spoon Speech Clinic are ultrasound tongue imaging and electropalatography. These techniques are known to help with speech sounds made using the tongue (lingual sounds).

Ultrasound tongue imaging involves placing the same kind of ultrasound probe that has been used in medicine for many years under the chin so that the shape of the tongue inside the mouth can be seen.

Electropalatography involves a specially made plate being fitted to the roof of the mouth. This has 62 electrodes that can show where the tongue touches the roof of the mouth when speaking.

What are speech sound disorders?

Speech sound disorders involve difficulty in making or using sounds in speech and can affect any speech sound. It does not mean difficulty in choosing words or combining them into sentences, stammering, or the sound of your voice from your throat.

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Referring yourself or someone else to the clinic

If you are interested in referring yourself or someone else to the clinic, please email us on in the first instance. Please include an up to date contact telephone number so that we can call you to have a conversation about you or your child’s speech and what the clinic may be able to offer.

We will accept enquiries from any source.  If you or your child is currently known to Speech and Language Therapy (SLT), please talk to your therapist prior to approaching the Wooden Spoon Speech Clinic.

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