Study day: Professional reasoning for practice on the margins





The occupational therapy team at Queen Margaret University are committed to facilitating exchanges of ideas in contemporary practice and we warmly invite you to join us for this exciting study day led by three internationally renowned leaders of the profession. The study day themes are relevant to people working in traditional areas of practice as well as to those working to expand practice in new or developing areas (‘the margins’). The ideas that will be presented and discussed are at the forefront of developments in the field.

The day will consist of lectures and small group workshops, with aims:

  • To stimulate thinking about occupational therapy on the margins
  • To explore modes of reasoning appropriate to practice on the margins
  • To provide opportunities to practise different modes of professional reasoning

Study day leaders:

  • Dr Madeleine Duncan, Asst. Prof Occupational therapy, University of Cape Town, South Africa. Her main professional and research interests are poverty, psychiatric disability, human occupation and occupational therapy education. Author and consultant.
  • Dr Jennifer Creek, retired occupational therapist, UK; Her main professional interests are in occupational therapy theory, women’s mental health and chronic depression. Author of key text books on occupational therapy in mental health.
  • Dr Kit Sinclair, Hon Prof Department of Rehabilitation Tung Wah College Hong Kong; International consultant in occupational therapy service and curriculum development. President of WFOT from 2000 – 2008 and is editor of the WFOT Bulletin.


0900    Arrival and registration

0930    Introductions, aims and learning outcomes

0945    Presentation: Occupational therapy on the margins

            Questions and discussion


1130    Small group work: Thinking about thinking

            Feedback and discussion


1400    Small groups:   Occupation and activity analysis

                                    Rationale for intervention

                                    Problem formulation


1545    Feedback and discussion

            Personal reflection

1630    FINISH


A number of food outlets are available on site where drinks, snacks and lunch may be purchased.

  • Associated Costs
  • Small Groups Information
  • Speakers Biographies

Please see the associated costs below:

Pre-registration and post-registration students: £5.00

Qualified occupational therapists and other professionals, researchers, academics, etc.: £10.00


We kindly ask that you please make payment once you have submitted your registration form. If you would prefer to pay via invoice, please contact the Events Team.

On registration, please indicate which afternoon small group you would like to join.
Please find the information below regarding each small group session:

  • Occupation and activity analysis
    Facilitator: Dr Madeleine Duncan

This group will explore how occupational therapists conceptualise and apply occupation  analysis and activity analysis in marginal settings. Participants will have opportunities to practise occupation and activity analysis using real case stories.

  • Rationale for intervention
    Facilitator: Dr Kit Sinclair

This group will explore the professional reasoning related to working with marginalized people, using global examples. Participants will engage in discussion of the rationale for various interventions in these case studies and in situations they may have encountered in their own work.

  • Problem formulation
    Facilitator: Dr Jennifer Creek

This group will explore how occupational therapists develop an understanding of problems and potential solutions in marginal settings. Participants will have opportunities to practise problem formulation using real case stories.

Dr Madeleine Duncan is associate professor of occupational therapy at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She obtained an Occupational Therapy Master’s degree from the University of Cape Town in 1999 and a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology from the University of Stellenbosch in 2009. Her MSc thesis focussed on occupational therapy values and transformation processes in post-Apartheid South Africa and her PhD investigated human occupation in the context of chronic poverty and psychiatric disability. She has worked in the fields of neurology, adolescent and adult mental health, community-based rehabilitation, occupational therapy education and disability inclusive development. Her main professional and research interests are poverty, psychiatric disability, human occupation and occupational therapy education.

Madeleine was the co-editor of a textbook, Practice and Service Learning in Occupational Therapy, and has published over thirty chapters and articles in professional and educational textbooks and scientific journals. She has led longitudinal mixed method research projects over a period of ten years in remote rural communities in the Eastern and Western Cape Provinces of South Africa.

Madeleine and her students have investigated the dynamics between chronic poverty, disability and human occupation in rural isiXhosa-speaking households that have one or more members with a disabling health condition. Her research teams have also implemented participatory development research processes aimed at self-empowerment of rural communities through disability policy literacy and social activism. Madeleine regularly consults occupational therapy programmes on curriculum design and assessment practices, most recently at the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar; University of Fort Hare, South Africa and Cebu Doctor’s University, Philippines.

Besides her academic work, Madeleine is also a founding and faculty member of the Centre for Group Analytic Studies, a non-profit organisation that runs introductory and intermediate training programmes on group analysis for lay persons and professionals interested in group work processes for personal and social transformation.


Dr Jennifer Creek is a retired occupational therapist living in the UK. She has practised in the fields of adult mental health, adult learning disability, occupational therapy education, mental health promotion and community development. She helped to set up new occupational therapy education programmes in Aberdeen, Hong Kong and Middlesbrough. Her main professional interests are in occupational therapy theory, women’s mental health and chronic depression.

Jennifer has a Master’s degree by research from the University of Manchester and a PhD from Sheffield University. Her Master’s study topic was how occupational therapists conceptualise and articulate the nature and purpose of their professional practice. Her PhD study investigated occupational therapy practice on the margins. Together with Sarah Cook, Jennifer was commissioned by the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust and the College of Occupational Therapists to write a definition of occupational therapy as a complex intervention for the purposes of research (Creek 2003).

Jennifer was the founding editor of a major textbook, Occupational therapy and mental health and edited or co-edited the first four editions (Creek 1990, 1997, 2002; Creek & Lougher 2008). She has also edited or co-edited three collections of essays about occupational therapy theory and professional reasoning: Occupational therapy: new perspectives (Creek 1998), Contemporary issues in occupational therapy: reasoning and reflection (Creek & Lawson-Porter 2007) and Global perspectives in professional reasoning (Cole & Creek 2016). An authored book, The core concepts of occupational therapy: a dynamic framework for practice (Creek 2010) was the outcome of a terminology project undertaken for the European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education by six occupational therapists from across Europe.


Dr Kit Sinclair is an international consultant in occupational therapy service and occupational therapy curriculum development. A long-time resident of Hong Kong, she was a founding faculty member of the occupational therapy education programme at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and has played an active role in occupational therapy education and professional development in Hong Kong, throughout Asia and internationally. She gained her PhD in 2003 for research into the clinical reasoning of occupational therapists. She continues in senior academic positions: presently Hon Professor of the Department of Rehabilitation of Tung Wah College in Hong Kong and Adjunct Professor of Cebu Doctors University in the Philippines.

Kit served as President of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists from 2002-2008. She is an Honorary Fellow of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists and Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association.

An internationally renowned leader in occupational therapy, Kit has given guest lectures in almost every continent of the world. She has been instrumental in policy development in relation to rehabilitation and disability with the World Health Organization. She consults with national governments, universities and professional associations globally, with a particular interest in disaster management and working with displaced persons.

Kit has promoted rehabilitation and occupational therapy in China for over 30 years and retains contacts throughout China. She is Advisor to the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine as well as the recently developed Chinese Occupational Therapy Association.

She is editor of the prestigious WFOT Bulletin. She has authored or co-authored chapters in numerous occupational therapy textbooks globally.



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