Pretty Knickers Productions - Sob Story

What does it take to win Yorkshire’s Got Talent? Six old school friends reunite in the hope of sweeping the contest, but rehearsals get derailed when they realise talent isn’t enough – they need a tale of tragedy and triumph to win the judges’ hearts. In their quest to find (or invent!) their sob story, things take a dark turn. Old wounds and long-buried untruths begin to surface. The afternoon gets hotter, and they begin to realise where the real sob story lies. Will they crack under the pressure as they sing for their lives?

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Event Details

Location Venue 39 the Space on the Mile 80 High Street EH1 1TH
Date & Time Start 05 August 2018
10:24am End 25 August 2018
Cost Full price £7.00 - £9.50 Concession £5.00 - £6.50

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