The preferred usage of the logotype is the stacked layout shown here.

In certain situations where space is restricted, a linear version of the logotype has been created.

Due to the complexity of the crest elements a simplified logotype has been designed to suit small scale reproduction and the use of less detailed reproduction techniques such as embroidery and enamelling. Please use the appropriate downloadable artwork supplied.



The exclusion zone for the logotype is the minimum area around the logo within which no external text or graphic element can encroach. The basis for the measurement of the zone is the height of the word 'EDINBURGH' as shown below. This formula also applies to the linear logo version.

Reversal of the logotype is not recommended - however, where there is no alternative, the following guidelines apply:

The logotype must appear on an uncluttered strong background. It must be reproduced in full colour where possible - if restrictions to colour apply, the logotype should appear in either Blue PMS 2748 or Black if available. Where non-corporate colours are the only possible choice, the logotype should appear in a bold colour - light or bright colours should be avoided. All text in the logotype should appear in white.

In extremely limited situations where size and reproduction methods are limited, a further simplified line art logo is available.

INCORRECT FORMAT The logotype format should never be modified. Always use the artwork supplied. If you have a specific requirement which cannot be met by any of the supplied artwork, please contact the Marketing and Communications Office.

INCORRECT FONT USAGE The namestyle have been specially sized and spaced and should not be altered in any way.

INCORRECT CREST The new crest must not be replaced by any other. Please seek approval from the Marketing and Communications Office if you require the logo crest to be used on its own.

INCORRECT BACKGROUND The logotype must always be clear and visible. The background on which the logotype is displayed can enhance or detract from the identity. Always select a simple, uncluttered background. Where the background is strong or dark please use the appropriate reversed logotype.

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