PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) Scheme application

All students completing a Clinical Placement as part of their course must also complete a PVG application. Details of how you can make this application will be sent to you with your Offer Letter. Where possible, please complete and return the application to Queen Margaret University before attending your Induction. Information and guidance on the PVG scheme, and completing the form, will be given at the Pre-Placement Talk, scheduled as part of your induction programme.

Uniform Measurement

During this session you will be measured for your placement uniform. Information on the date and time is detailed in your Induction Programme.

For more information on the process including the guidelines as to how the uniform should be worn, see the NHS Scotland Information Guide.

Health Clearance

This is a Scottish Government requirement so you must attend these appointments which are for screening and vaccinations for all new Health Care workers who will have direct contact with patients. The timing will be determined by the order that students go out on placement. You will be advised of the date and time of your appointments by email. Appointments start in induction week and continue throughout the year.

Appointments are arranged through the University and more information on Health Clearance will be given at the Pre-Placement Talk, scheduled as part of your induction programme. Should you have any queries or concerns about this, please contact HealthClearance@qmu.ac.uk

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Due to professional requirements, students on Nursing, Allied Health Profession and Healthcare Science qualifying programmes are required to hold professional indemnity insurance as a pre-condition of progressing to placement. This is most easily gained through the joining of the appropriate professional body, and information on this will be provided during the induction process into your programme.

PVG and Pre-Placement talk

Students who undertake clinical placements as part of their programme are invited to meet with the Pre-Placement Support Officer who will talk you through the pre placement activities and requirements, such as Health Clearance, and the timescales involved.  They will also guide you through the PVG process, for those still to complete their forms, and will be able to advise on the progress of PVG applications for others.