Students who undertake clinical placements as part of their programme are invited to meet with the Pre-Placement Support Officer (PPSO) at the 'PVG & Pre-Placement Talk' during Induction Week.  This session will guide you through the regulated pre-placement activities and requirements, such as Health Clearance, and the timescales involved.  The PPSO will also guide you through the PVG process, for those still to complete their forms, and will be able to advise on the progress of PVG applications for others.

A brief overview of some core requirements are detailed below.

PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) Scheme application

All students completing a Clinical Placement as part of their course must also complete a PVG application. Details of how you can make this application will be sent to you with your Offer Letter. Where possible, please complete and return the application to Queen Margaret University before attending your Induction. Information about the PVG scheme can be found here, and completing the form, will be given at the Pre-Placement Talk, scheduled as part of your induction programme.

Uniform Measurement

On Wednesday 11th September 2019, for one day only, our uniform supplier will be in attendance at QMU for students to try on the placement uniforms for size.  Specific time slots for each programme will be available on the QMU website.  Information on the NHS guidelines regarding uniforms can be found here.

For your comfort, you may wish to wear close fitting shorts and T-Shirt or similar for this session.  Orders are placed directly by the supplier based on the size agreed between you and them on the day.  Should you be unable to attend your fitting session, you will need to contact the Pre-Placement Support Officer ( to arrange an alternative date and time.

Also on the Wednesday, we will be joined by staff from PLS Medical who will be showcasing a variety of footwear, all suitable for placement, available for you to view.  You are under no obligation to purchase from them, but it may be of interest to see what types of footwear are acceptable.  They will be situated in the same corridor as the uniform fittings for ease of locating.

Health Clearance

Health Clearance

In preparation for clinical placements we are required, by the Government, to ensure that all students who will have direct clinical contact with patients meet the health clearance requirements. 

During the month of August, and once you have an Unconditional Offer from QMU that you have Firmly Accepted, an email will be sent from Occupational Health containing a web link, and a username and password, for their secure online questionnaire.  Part of the questionnaire requires you to upload your vaccination history as an electronic attachment; this is normally obtained from your GP/Child Health Record or Paediatrician. 

The document(s) should provide evidence of your childhood immunisations, in particular evidence of having 2 doses of the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine.  Please be aware that some GPs and/or medical centres may charge for this service and there may be a delay of some weeks in obtaining this information.  Please ensure that you have this evidence before you submit your questionnaire, however, the university does not require sight of the information as it is confidential and should only be shared with Occupational Health.  You should ensure that the questionnaire has been submitted, along with supporting documentation, prior to Induction Week as you will have your first appointment at Queen Margaret University on either the Thursday or Friday of this week. 

Attendance at this screening appointment is COMPULSORY.  No one is forced to undertake immunisations they do not wish to have, however, it may affect where we are able to send people on placement.  You will be sent a text message with the specific details, including the time and room, towards the start of Induction Week.  Please note that you may be required to have a blood test at this appointment if you are unable to provide evidence of having a BCG vaccine. 

If you have any queries regarding any of the information above, please contact Health Clearance.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

Due to professional requirements, students on Nursing, Allied Health Profession and Healthcare Science qualifying programmes are required to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance as a pre-condition of progressing to placement. This is most easily gained through the joining of the appropriate professional body, and information on this will be provided during the induction process into your programme.