Browser based web conferencing can be used to lead virtual classes, office hours, tutoring and mentoring sessions, departmental meetings and more.

At Queen Margaret University we are transitioning to Blackboard Collaborate to provide a more user friendly and modern experience. Blackboard collaborate will make it easier to deliver high quality audio and video helping you to connect together online to share files, to record sessions, run breakout groups and attendance reporting.

Support and access to Adobe Connect will continue whilst Blackboard Collaborate is being piloted. Information on both Blackboard Collaborate and Adobe Connect can be found below. 

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a real-time web conferencing software application that allows tutors to share files and use a virtual whiteboard to interact. It provides the ability to communicate with other participants as a class or privately live via video, audio or text-based chat. 

With the ability to integrate a Collaborate Ultra session within the Hub means tutors can restrict access to authenticated users enrolled within a Hub area, providing the ability to verify the identity of a participant.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is included within Queen Margaret University’s new licencing agreement under the APUC framework beginning from March 2018. The Learning Technologies team are currently undertaking a limited pilot due to be completed by June 2018 with the aim for full deployment across QMU community in the Summer of 2018.

Links to:

Introduction to Blackboard Collaborate video

Help guides and resources

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a webinar an online events application.

Who is it for?

Matriculated students, tutors, administrators at QMU including its collaborative partners.

What does it do?

Connect is a web online conferencing tool which enables administrators, learners and tutors to meet and discuss virtually. Connect supports voice and text communication as well as video. Connect can be used for online presentations and sharing of files including PowerPoint, PDF, images, WORD and EXCEL. Files, can be uploaded, discussed and edited, in large or small groups. Connect can be accessed from home, on placement or at work – as long as you have access to a computer with broadband Internet access, speakers, microphone and a webcam.

Connect has been used by QMU learners and tutors in Canada, Australia, Russia, Peru, Europe, Singapore and most recently India for seminars, tutorials, online individual and group presentations, group work and re-sits: saving time, reducing emails, preparing students for dissertations and generally improving the learner experience. It has also been used for virtual visiting lecturers, to connect administrators at QMU with our collaborative partners and to bring together tutors and students who were unable to meet due to adverse weather conditions. Sessions may be recorded and accessed for revision purposes or by external examiners. Connect may also be used as a research tool for online interviews or focus groups.


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How to access Before you access Connect, check that your computer is ready for Connect at:

Please note: Connect requires Adobe Flash Player version 10.1 or higher.

You will receive information from your tutors about where and when to access Connect.

Help If you have any issues regarding the use of Connect, please contact

CAP Adobe Connect

For enquires related to Adobe Connect.

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CAP Adobe Connect