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What does it do?

TurningPoint is a personal voting system that allows tutors to poll students and have the results graphically displayed as part of a PowerPoint presentation. The common name often given to these type of systems is “clickers” and  the term “clickers” refers to the small handsets which are used to vote.

Existing research and our own experience suggests that personal voting systems can make lectures more interactive – engaging students with the material being taught and giving the tutor an opportunity to provide formative feedback. “Clickers” have also been used to initiate discussions both peer-to-peer and with the tutor, and can be utilised to test students’ grasp of key concepts within the classroom.

How to access

To book a set of clickers please use the online booking form which is available from the Quick Links on CAP intranet page: http://apps/capforms/Clickerbooking.asp

A diary of current clickers bookings is also available: http://apps/capforms/clickerdiary.asp

There is a limit to bookings due to licence restrictions and the number of clickers available.

Please note: always check that you are not booking clickers near to another room using clickers. In some cases, clickers used in adjacent rooms may interfere with each other.


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CAP Turning Point Voting System

If you would like more information on the Turning Poll voting system please get in touch.

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