Hub provides a set of educational tools to facilitate learning, communication, collaboration and assessment. It is commonly called a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). These tools include online discussions, chat, announcements quizzes, an assignment drop box, and integration with QMU email.

How to access

Hub is accessible from:

Information for Students
Student user guides, password rest and contact information about the Hub is available for students here.

Information for Tutors
Information and resources for tutors are available below.

Tutors who have forgotten their password should contact Information Services:

Creating your module

Modules information and Module Coordinator enrolment are imported daily from the School Office & Registry database SITS.

If you are unable to access your module and you are the Module Coordinator, please contact the

Student Inductions

A guide for tutors when introducing students to the Hub

Types of Submissions

Supporting documents for getting started with the Hub (provided by Blackboard) are available here as PDF:

Digital Examinations

At Queen Margaret University, we are using the Hub to hold both formative and summative assessments as an alternative to more traditional paper-based assessments. In some cases, tutors may find it appropriate to transfer some paper-based assessments to the online environment. Subjects as diverse as media, psychology, radiography and business have run online assessments.

The CAP has worked with tutors to develop all types of online assessment including those with images for both formative and summative assessments. Online assessments do not necessarily need to include multiple-choice questions but could include a wide range of other question types such as short and long paragraph questions, matching questions and assertion-reasoning questions.

In liaison with Registry and Information Services, the CAP has produced a guide to running an online summative assessment: this takes tutors through issues that they need to consider when running an online examination (see Documentation below).

If you are considering running an online assessment, please contact for advice and support.


You can download a guide to online assessing at QMU: Guide to Online Assessment (pdf 1.13MB)

How to access

QMU's vehicle for online assessing is the Hub

Useful links

The experience at Oxford Brookes University: Assessment scenarios (slides use "PageDown" key)


Staff Development Workshops

Tutor workshops
Workshops focusing on specific aspects of using the Hub to support learning and teaching will be provided by the Centre for Academic Practice during the summer months. To book a place at the workshops see our programme of events.

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